Tuesday, 19 June 2018

A Change is as Good as a Rest: pt2

Part 2 has been long time coming. Pretty much a good indicator on how little hobby time I've had over the past couple of months. Finally finished my other "rest project" however - an Airfix Starter Supermarine Spitfire mk1.

It was fun to build. I did change the underside paint from the supplied paint as it just looked too green to my (all-be-it dodgy) eyes. Maybe with the brown and green camo on it would have looked better (as I did on my Hurricane), but hey-ho.

I also had mixed results with trying to bring out the paneling. I applied a Sepia wash to the model, wiping off the raised coverage, and then doing a bot of dry brushing to bring the panels back up again. Sort of worked...!

The colour scheme is from the box and is No.92 Squadron, stationed at RAF Manston, Kent, England, December 1940

Here is some lovely footage of a restored mk1 from No. 92 Squadron. Enjoy.


  1. Nice work Sam; think I need a rest/reset job to get me back into the saddle again. However, that will have to wait until after the summer as we prepare to relocate...ho hum...

    1. Relocate? Crikey, and I thought 'I' had no time for hobbying!! Good luck with the move.

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