Monday 2 April 2018

A Change is as Good as a Rest: pt1

I've still been struggling to get on with painting for the last whole, so I've decided to do something else for a bit. I'd found some printouts that had been put to the side of David Graffam's Wizard's House and Hovel designs and put to work getting them constructed. So far so simple.

Having enjoyed those builds (and completing something with no paint in sight!) I decided to do a third building. One with indoor access would be nice, but I (thankfully) veered away from "The Widow's House" to the easier Warehouse kit. There were a few minor mid build tweets as I added mounting board to strengthen the walls, but as I'd chosen a simpler kit there was no drama.

The inside looked a bit bare, so I used Graffam's Haulage Goods set to populate the area.

Finally I dealt with the doors. I always find doors a pain in Skirmish games. Essential to close off an area, but in the way once open. So I've experimented with a new design. I can the doors completely out and then glue on a couple of spare board strips.

This let's the door pop back into its place with the boards holding it in the wall (the bottom one also rests on the floor for support) . They are then completely taken away during game play if necessary. 


  1. Very good Sam; I've got a load of Dave Graffam's stuff; some completed, some not. I'd forgotten how good they were and a perfect foil to painter's block.

  2. Thanks, Monty. I'd actually forgotten that I'd bunned a few of the old, free early Graffam designs a while ago, leaving me short of table coverage. But concentrating on construction without the whole rigmarole of the texturing and painting gives a nice relax project.

  3. They look absolutely brilliant! The details and textures on the printing are wonderful.

    1. The textures on Dave Graffam's products are lovely, thankfully drawing the eye from my kack-handedness! :)

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    1. Thanks, David. I'll maybe get the box down for a club game one evening...

  5. Great kits; smashing work - well done, Sir!