Saturday, 23 May 2015

Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk.1 Complete

I remembered the wing lights this time!

Hurricane finished now. I must say I've really enjoyed the build. The detailing on the kit is excellent and the starter kit has just the right level of involvement to engage me without becoming bogged down by my lack of (recent) experience. Also having the paints included makes getting the colour on much more relaxing. Priming aside, I only strayed from the 4 colour pallet for the flesh and life jacket on the pilot (which was nice to have as my previous Revell P-51 Mustang III didn't include a pilot).

In position.
It has left me almost too keen to start up another starter kit almost immediately, but with a few gaming projects I want to get on with I will hold back with the knowledge that I can look forward to my next lull, not dread it.

The paint scheme is straight from the kit and is for RAF No. 615 Squadron. They took delivery of their first Hurricanes in April of 1940 year (converting from Gloster Gladiators) whilst still in France as part of the BEF. They moved to RAF Kenley, England, from May to August 1940, which is where this livery comes from.


  1. Oh, That's quite beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Zzzzzz. I must confess that I'm quite pleased with the result myself.:)