Monday 11 May 2015

Game Hosting @ Carronade

Ready for the players,
The Skirmish boards were set up on Saturday for players at Carronade. It felt a bit strange wandering through the door with everyone setting up. Soon after the public doors opened MacSver appeared to lend a very able helping hand which lasted all day and for which I am incredibly grateful.

Barbarians charge at the wall of Undead.
Between the two of us the table was in action for most the day. Players visited ranged from family scuffles to interested parties and players who had read the rules but wanted a run through.

Dwarves and Humans battle through the
village in search of treasure.
We offered up 3 scenarios from the core "Song of Blades and Heroes" rule book: Straight battle, Treasure Hunt and Magic Item.

Look Out, here come his Orc friends!
Everyone enjoyed their time playing. The games all seemed to swing back and forth which made for much drama.

Additionally it was nice to chat not only to various people with questions about the game and boards, but to some of the readers of this humble blog. Great to meet you all, thanks. A special shout must go out to Jimboba (at Warchest) who turned up with a small warchest (appropriately) of his fantastically painted 15mm figures from all ranges, genres and manufacturers. I was both educational and inspiring.

With MacSver holding the fort for a while I managed to rush away for a bit of shopping. Most items on my list were just standard painting supplies, but the hall we were in was next to the bring and buy hall, so there was a chance for the odd quick foray.

One planned purchase was a Victorian attack balloon from Scheltrum Miniatures.

And as is traditional the surprise purchases came from baragins in the Bring and Buy. I managed to pick up an Urban War Koralon Venom Drake for a bargain.

Also come home to the Hobby shed are these super steampunk dice from the boardgame Euphoria, which should action soon enough.

Overall it was a very enjoyable day. I will definitely be looking to do some more game hosting in the (near future).


  1. A 'Victorian Attack Balloon', eh? Right then, a IHMN arms race it is!

    A big thank you to you, Sir, and young Arabiansquire for taking the time and effort organising the SoBH demonstration. It was a successful day. Those boards and miniatures worked a treat!

  2. Hi both MacSver and Weebloke - thanks for the kind words regards my motley crew. It was a pleasure to meet you both and find like-minded folk out there. And sorry I left it so late in the day that there wasn't an opportunity for a quick game of SOBH. Should you find the need for a third, non-pc warband for your campaigns give me a shout and maybe we could hook up at some point. Or perhaps a 'learning' session for Infinity? I'm drawn to it... a bit like the dark side. Being in 15mm is not compulsory!