Monday, 25 May 2015

The best laid plans...

No battle report this week. The regular session with MacSver was spent planning what we were going to do in our inaugural "In Her Majesty's Name" campaign.

With the themed warbands so prevalent MacSver was very keen to do a narrative campaign instead of the random(-ish) type we have used for our past Songs of Blades campaigns. I had to agree and some a simple story was devised. I had to be simple as this was our first campaign of this type and we are only playing around 6 games in it to see how the mechanics play out. All will be revealed as the campaign page goes up.

and so it begins...
All the scenarios and landscapes have been planned out as well. The imaginations were running wild as various venues round the globe are mentioned in the books. In the end the order was dictated by what scenery we had ready now, what we had nearly ready, and what we had some work to get up and running. This has inevitably pushed a couple of anticipated projects back as I focus on some terrain settings. First venue needing attention is a Cathedral. This gives me the push I needed to attack the Harry Potter Hall I've had in a crate (as seen in our first IHMN game) and also do a proper graveyard, which I've wanted for ages. The joy of this set up is that it can span so many different games that it should see a good deal of use.

Updates as they happen...


  1. I like the sound of this! Looking forward to the first installment!

  2. Looking forward to it, guys. It'll have a separate page at the top, much like for the SoBH campaign ones.

  3. We shall look forwards to hearing how this progresses.
    Craig Cartmell

    1. You shall do as soon as I can get my arse into gear and post up the first battle report! :(