Wednesday 25 March 2015

PSC 15mm Cromwell IV

As part of my new found "tank mania" (as MacSver likes to call it!) I picked up a trio of Plastic Soldier Company Cromwell tanks from Ebay to give me the options on the "Hell Hath No Fury" reinforcement table.

This is the first time I've come across that much (and rightly) maligned practice of printing the instructions on the inside of the box. In this case there weren't even instructions, just a picture of a the sprue with the gun options highlighted. Despite what PSC think, the construction wasn't as obvious as they think, to me.

Handily though I was sitting next to my PC, and a quick google gave me the PSC construction video! I'll refrain from making general comment but it was useful for me, so may be useful for any other folk planning to make the purchase.

The kit's are nice, by the way, just lacking in instruction.



  1. Coo - thanks, mate: these are part of my long-term plan. Mainly because I absolutely love Cromwells!

    1. No problem. The video certainly helped me.

  2. (and don't you just LOVE PSC sculpts?)