Monday 23 March 2015

DMH - Shootout at the Old Mine

MacSver was down again again this week for the first game of Dead Man's Hand at the hobby shed. He has corners the Western Town with his "Obsession" town board, my shoot-outs are in the mountains when the gold is in "them thar hills!".

As we've not played for quite few months, the scenario was a straight forward gun fight with REP 15 gangs. MacSver went for quality with his familiar Lawmen : Sheriff, Marshal and 2 Deputies(1 shotgun, 1 repeater), where as I decided to test out the effect of more quantity with the Outlaws: Boss, 4 Dudes (3 pistols, 1 repeater), 1 Varmint (shotgun).

With the mine set up as above, the Outlaws cam in from the bottom left corner, an the Lawman moved in to handle them form the top right.

 The Outlaws immediately split into 2 groups, with pistol, shotgun and repeater moving up the road, and the the Boss and two Dudes cutting across the are, using the carts and mine carts as cover.

 The Marshall and shotgun deputy headed towards the Prospector's Office, whilst the Lawful Repeater gave cover with the Sheriff in support.

 The Boss led outlaws made it to the eastern mine shaft area. One dude ducked into the building but bumped into a local who loosed off a quick shot leaving him under fire. The Sheriff rushed forward to the bottleneck, confident he could handle the riff-raff coming his way.

 On the other side of the site the outlaws were weathering fire from the Lawmen to get behind the Office building. The Marshall and Shotgun wielding deputy used the cover of, athough the Marshll had his nerves jangled by some fire from an outlaw repeater.

 The Outlaws charged round the corner to take on the Sheriff at point blank range. The Sheriff survived the first shots, but his pistol jammed after only one return bullet. A hail of lead flew his way and he went down.

At the office the shotgun totting deputy grabbed the inititive, stepped forward and fired 2 shots at the outlaws. Miraculously they both survived with relatively little injury. Even the Varmint could hit at this range (with a shotgun) and wounded the brave law enforcer, leaving him staggering weakly.

Hollering from their  success  against the Sheriff, the 3 outlaws managed to get the jump on the repeater covering deputy, and they managed to take him out before he could return fire.

A Second shotgun blast from the Varmint had left the Deputy full of holes and near death, But somehow he was managing to stay on his feet to fire one last shotgun blast before meeting his maker. The Outlaw charged forward to engage him in hand-to-hand to prevent this. The melee was a stalemate, but enough to keep the shotgun down and the Lawman collapsed to the ground. The Marshall moved up and fired a couple of shots at the now empty gunned Varmint, but could not kill him. Realising that he was now the only surviving representative of the law standing and that he was carrying two wounds, he was forced to duck out of the battle to recover and raise a new posse.


  1. Great report and table! Just ordered DMH so looking forward to giving it a go myself!

    1. Thank's, Gordon. It's a fun game. I was just going to let MacSver provide all the gaming material and concentrate on other projects last year, but enjoyed it so much that my resolve eventually crumbled.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers, Bob. Fun games tend to make fun reports.

  3. Oh my, the white hats didn't win this time. Bigger posse required.

    1. May,Irqan. I suspect that there is a trick to using the 2 higher quality characters effectively, but a we probebly need to get a few more games under our belt to develop these. I know I tried with the "Stranger and Townsfolk" set and couldn't make any headway.