Thursday 26 June 2014

15mm Board Test AAR

Despite the slightly curly edges, MacSver and I had a battle to test out the slightly smaller (22" x 22") board size.
I was the Orcs (MacSver) vs Undead (myself). Three treasures were place across the centre of the table. Whoever got the most home (or routed the other side) won.

MacSver was having trouble with the activation dice in the first two of rounds with a couple of early turnovers.

 This allowed the undead to make haste to the table centre and claim the first prize, 
with the rest of the force (including the slow Walking Dead) moving into the village.

 The Orc cavalry soon made up ground, thundering in to double engage the Undead Leader.

The Orc Warriors also moved en-mass to claim a treasure.

Support came in to help the Mounted Undead Leader though, and one of the Orc Cavalry was dispatched.

It wasn't enough, though, and the remaining Orc Boar rider took out the Leader. The resulting moral tests saw to of the threatening Walking Dead crumble and most other undead retreat briefly.

The remaining undead was dispatched by the Green Skin Warriors

 With the majority of the enemy missing a turn recovering from their commander perishing, this gave the Orc cavalry a chance to intercept the skeleton trying to get away with the treasure. It was not contest and the skeleton was a pile of bones.

This took the Undead warband below half strength, and the resulting moral tests resulted in the entire skeleton forc either crumbling to dust on the spot of fleeing the village, leaving the Orcs to gather the riches.

The smaller board had no adverse effect to the game. In fact the game is pretty full on at this scale. The in scale measurements are longer for 15mm, so even with a bad start the Orcs were up to the battlefront with a good third turn. This mean that a good strategy is required from the start - no room to run away!