Thursday, 3 July 2014

15mm Skirmish Box - Board & Building Improvements

First of all thank you for all the suggestions on my board problems a few posts ago. All very helpful and appreciated.

For the record I tried flattening the vinyl based tiles under books. This did sort of work, but they still resorted to a curl after a period of non compression. I also experimented with gluing pine wood strips to the edges. Both White glue and hot glue bonds were too weak (white glue didn't stick at all) so I abandoned that idea.

After a bit of head scratching and beard stroking I decided to trial mounting the printed boards on mounting board, quite often used for displaying artwork or presentations. Made of cardboard, not to be confused with foam core.

I used 3M Photomount glue spray, stuck the printed sheets down, cut to the correct size and left under a couple of heavy books for a while. The result (so far) has been flat at the edges (see above)

This has left the boards pushing together nice and flat, as you can see in the picture above. I'm on Holiday for a few days soon, so I'll leave them just "in box" and see if they are still OK on my return (fingers crossed).

I have also been playing around with the folding house design. I've not been happy with the way the roofs have been sitting. They could be a bit fiddly, or sit squint and showing a gap in the wall (look back at previous photo's and you'll probably see evidence of this. So I changed from a tab to printing the full wall apex (see above).
The wall apex is still duplicated on the roof section, but the proper contour into the roof, and the texture overlap give a much better sitting and solid look (above).

Building scaling has also been changed. The models are designed for 30mm, so naturally the advice is print at 50% for 15mm. As you can see above the 50% is a bit small here, especially with the MDF bases I'm using.

Changing the scaling to 55% has produced a better result (to my eye anyway) and if I moved to basing on thinner washers I think the 55% would still be the way to go.

As an added note, these alterations have been made using Dave Graffam's alternative format of selling the Photoshop files of several of his designs. The two above are from the Small Shop and Rustic Cabins #2 sets. Photoshop is a bit pricey, but I use the free software GIMP which handles all the graphics and layers in the original format just fine. This has the added bonus of being able to apply the different layers as per the normal PDFs, but also make my extra cut sections, change the location of elements (window positions for example) and make new image files so that the scaled down versions can be entirely printed on a single sheet of card, saving time and money. I would personally recommend them over the pdfs where available (especially as they are the same price!)


  1. I always used 60% for 15mm and 70% for 20mm, which seemed to work quite well.

    1. NOW you tell me. ;)
      Cheers, Monty. I'll no doubt do a comparison print when I'm doing my next bit of printing.

  2. A good post with a lot of good ideas :)

    1. Thanks, Cedric. I'll tell you it would have been a loooooong post if I'd included all my bad ideas!

    2. Oh, so that's why my posts have been so long all these years...!

  3. Great ideas and splendid buildings!