Thursday, 31 July 2014

Information Gathering - SoBH AAR

A one off "Song of Blades and Heroes" battle this week, between MacSver's Dwarves and a new Human Holy Order warband.

 The scenario was "Traces to Emrpise" from Hour11's Scenario booklet. The aim was to get round the buildings and question or torture the inhabitants for pieces information.

 Most the Dwarves came in through the center, led by leader Boindel on his Bear mount. 3 out of the 4 melee warriors were classed as new recruits, so their combat was lower than a standard Dwarven Warrior (so equal to a standard Human). A crossbowman and long range gunner made up the rest of the warband.

The Human's approached from the other side with the Bishop (Enchanter) and his bodyguard cautiously using the wall for cover. His force had 2 crossbowmen and 3 other melee warriors.

Boindel and support made for the town market cross front, where there was a stray villager to question.

The Human kept themselves in a tight formation, looking to bring their ranged weaponry into effect before any melee.

Information gathered in the square, the Dwarven retinue pealed off to investigate other buildings. The Human force took the opportunity to make an early attack on the exposed mounted leader, but the crossbow bolts flew wide and the foot soldiers could only move in and engage without attack.

The Bishop moved to enter a house and gather information. Cerri Crackshot spotted this and tried a shot. The bodyguard failed to react to protect his master, and the resulting bolt killed the Bishop stone dead, scattering his charges round the village.

The Holy guard started to rally though and moved back together to avenge their fallen leader. The Dwarves had already gathered most of the available information, so the debt would have to paid in blood.

Although who's blood was obviously not stipified in the declaration!

With the door-to-door mostly done the Dwarves moved in to engage, with their leader keeping a close supporting role behind the front fighters.

The battle was getting tasty, with warriors on both sides being pushed back and knocked down, but managing to recover before the enemy could take advantage.

In the end though, the Quality support and greater numbers in the Dwarf ranks took their toll.

Fittingly the last to go down was the body guard, witness to the full consequences of his failure in duty.


  1. Nice battle report! Any chance you could link that scenario booklet?

    1. Sure thing.