Monday 2 June 2014

X-Wing - Enter the Big Boats

This weekend saw MacSver push out his new Rebel GR-75 transport for a test.

The escorted Rebel Transport makes a bit for freedom.

The GR-75 is very much set at a scenrio orientation (3 new scenarios are included in the accompanying booklet), and there a a plethora of new rules. One interesting one is the accumulation of energy during the movement phase. These tokens can be used for various specialist actions, from re-charging the shields to removing friendly ship stress tokens. It does have the downside of having no weapons or natural defense dice (as defense dice are actually "agility" dice, and this huge barn isn't junking or weaving anywhere!)

The Imperial ships move in in a
pincer move.
We played the first scenario, which was the evacuation of Hoth - a "simple" escort mission hinging on the GR-75 reaching the opposite corner of the table.

The Empire pilots manage to avoid each other more by accident than
and unleash laser hell!
To cut a long story short the Force was strong with the Dark side that night. Too few rebel hit dice, too many Empire hits thrown and dark mind manipulation making MacSver forget he had more shields\hull points than he thought. Not suprising though, as there were quite a few new rules to grab hold of whilst in play. It certainly whet the appetite for another game (or games) with this behemoth.

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