Thursday 19 June 2014

Hang 'Em High

MacSver has almost finished the final details of his Wild West Town. Finished enough to get a in a game, in fact.

It was to be Lawmen against Desperados.

 Lucky Luke had gone and got himself caught by the local Law, and sentenced to swing. Mad Dog McNut couldn't allow this to happen, so took his boys into town.

The local lawmen heard about their approach and set out from the Marshall's Office end of town.

 The Desperodo Gang came into town from the direction of their out-of-town camp.

 While the going and cover were good, the outlaws made haste towards the gallows.

The Lawmen moved into positions round the Undertakers. He was soon to be a busy man!

The Desperadoes were using the gallows and graveyard as cover, so a lawman ventured forward to flush them out. It worked slightly, but he paid a heavy price - his life.

With the baddies needing to get access to the gallows steps, the law used the graveyard to approach this bottleneck, shotgun leading the way.

The outlaws pushed up to support, but with both sides having shotguns up front and support it would come down to who drew first next turn.

The cards went with the law and they drew

With the cards on the table the rest of enforcement force broke into the street. Gun's blazed and several of the intruders went down, including Mad Dog.

There was just time for a reply, and the Desperado Gunfighter took down two Deputies. Across the fence, the two top gunmen caught each others eye but the Undertaker would have most to do...


  1. Great stuff! This had spurred me on (no pun intended) to start my Wild West board with the building of 'Rogan's Bar' which I got from the missus as a birthday present :)

    1. Look forward to that. Playing on MacSver's great board and editing this post has encouraged me to buy my first Gang and not just use my generous hosts figures as well!

  2. stunning, absolutely stunning!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Best looking cactus I've seen and I am in Arizona

    2. We're in Scotland so a bit bigger than we can put in our window! They are from Great Escape Games -