Thursday 5 June 2014

15mm Skirmish Box - The Undead

Thought I'd do some small profiles of the "pre-generated" warbands I've done for my 15mm Skirmish Box project. First of all the Undead.

All the models are from They have a quite a large and varied 15mm fantasy range to choose from. Mostly geared towards large army battles, but they also sell small packs containing the diferent sculpts to encourage 15mm skirmish gaming. Unfortunately their online store photos are a bit indistinct and make the details difficult to see, so I've taken some close up pictures of my prep'ed models. Not all make it into the warband list, by the way.

(left to right) Mounted Leader, Cavalry and skeletal horse.
Human Skeleton Warriors
Undead Horde

Song Of Blades and Heroes stats:
  • 1 x Undead Leader (88pts): Quality 3+, Combat 2: Leader, Long Move, Mounted, Undead
  • 1 x Undead Cavalry (58pts): Quality 3+, Combat 2: Long Move, Mounted, Undead
  • 3 x Skeleton Human (26pts): Quality 3+, Combat 2: Undead
  • 3 x Walking Dead (18pts): Quality 5+, Combat 4: Slow, Undead
  • Total: 304 pts
All these profiles are straight from the Core "Songs of..." ruleset.

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