Saturday 8 December 2012

Urban Bollards

Better late than never.
Another educational game of Urban war was had at the weekend. Still 3-way but this time there was a focus objective of a piece of terrain (some tank traps mid table). Due to some unfortunate delays I had to come in after turn 3. I thought this may leave me in a meat-grinder situation, but in fact left me with a numerical advantage as the others had set up and started posturing towards each other.

It was the first game that Close Combat had properly reared it's head. Once we'd sorted the modifiers and confused ourselves with rolling targets we wondered while this was the first time that we hadn't just used the table reference like all the other actions.

Is there someone on the roof?

Neura turns back time and pins the Syntha into cover
with a deadly hail of sniper fire.
One of the learning objectives was also to have some non-zero Cal figures and seeing what impact that would have. Afterwards we discovered that we were all fielding illegal forces with regards to the "Cal pyramid" force construction model - nevermind we'll know next time. Also we didn't notice Ian was stuck in version 1 mode and had Neura blasting away Syntha every turn with her extra Cal actions instead of using them ONCE per game.

Vasa close into the objective under fire from the
Syntha chaingun.
On the positive, the fact we are noticing the rule mistakes probably means we are becoming more comfortable with the rules now. We've enjoyed every game so far anyway, which at the end of the day is the main objective.

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