Monday 27 November 2023

Cometh The Hour, Cometh The ... Wash?


This post marks 2 occasions. These two figures are the final ones of my Urban War Viridian force. They have been sitting primed for probably nearly a decade. hoping to join their buddies. The force is now complete (or as complete as I'm planning to make it), and that in itself is a cause of celebration.

For the same length of time the last dregs of GW Devlan Mud, the wash of choice for the rest of the force, have been sitting waiting for this day to come. On opening the bottle again I thought it had finally (and not unreasonably!) dried up. But there was just enough sludge left to rehydrate and apply to these two stragglers. Mission accomplished, it can now fade into retirement.

And to mark all this a wee set up shot of the Viridian Bazooka team doing what they were trained to do - fire upon a VASA Pacifier Clau.

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