Sunday 30 December 2012

Urban War - VASA Finished

I was going to try and title with another of my cunning puns, but in the end thought this deserved an obvious one.

Neura and Archangel Sergeant

It's been pretty quiet posting wise on the blog. A combination of Christmas preparations, the usual rush at work to get things finished before the turn of the year and finally I was trying to finish off the last of my Urban War VASA before the self imposed deadline of 2013.

Suppressors with batons & Gauss rifles, Grenade launchers
and Snipers.

So 10 Suppressor types, an Archangel Sergeant, Commander Neura and a Pacifier Clau later here we are, all done. This force hasn't had any rhyme nor reason to its composition. It's been made up entirely from a starter box and whatever came in a Ebay job lot.
Pacifier CLAU

The final VASA pool is:

  • Core Suppressors (4 baton, 10 Gauss rifle) and one Sergeant
  • 4 Grenade Launchers
  • 4 Snipers
  • 6 Archangels and one Archangel Sergeant)
  • 2 Black Legion
  • Commander Konrad
  • Commander Neura
  • Commander Kali
  • Pacifier Clau
This should be enough for varied Strike Team Actions games and also the odd STA:Clau games.

It's always nice to finish a project/army, but it wouldn't be finished without the family group photo...

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