Wednesday 2 January 2013

Tristan Flint Arrives

Well, to be fair to his painter he arrived a weeks ago, but I've taken some time to get him based. This was painted as part of a figure exchange I did with Tristan @ GWPertinent . I've just given him a plain urban base to set him off. With his colourful hairstyle and shorts he reminded me of Keith Flint of the Prodigy, so he shall forever now be named Tristan Flint.


  1. Cool! I painted a Harlequin figure for Tristan's Necromunda warband last year

  2. What a great character and paint job.

  3. Love it. I knew a simple neutral base would set him off, glad you like him. Seeing your photo convinces me the plaid looks pretty good. How do you like his sweatstained wifebeater though?

    Tristan Flint. I like that. :)

    Fair reminder Paul I definitely still owe you a pic and a post! I think you guys actually painted the same model.

  4. The plain top is just right. If it was patterned it would look at odds with the plaid shorts and coloured hair. This way sets those off nicely, I think. Also the colour of the ammo belt you chose, Tristan really sets it off. Great job :-)