Saturday 1 December 2012

SoBH Campaign 3 - Battle 4

Battlefield: The Grand Library
Weather: Heavy Rain
Scenario: Raiding The Library
Defender: Dwarves.

New additions marked in purple italics

Dwarves (363 pts):
  • Valgen Maest: DWARF COMMANDER 95 Pts, XP: 3
    Brain Damaged: Q+1 for battle
  • Falster Vonlyr: ELITE WARRIOR 46 Pts, XP: 3
  • Tungdil Sunbeard: ELITE WARRIOR 40 Pts, XP: 1
  • Halgar Snowbeard: WARRIOR 34 Pts, XP: 3
  • Rod Grimiron: YOUNG WARRIOR 24 Pts, XP: 3
  • Hono Pickbattler: YOUNG WARRIOR 24 Pts, XP:2
  • Cerri Crakshot: CROSSBOWMAN 24 Pts, XP: 3
  • Slii Shadesmith: THIEF 24 Pts, XP: 2
  • Boindel Beaststrider: BEAR CAVALRY 52 Pts, XP: 1
Barbarians (366 pts):
  • Ardaric Blackmaul: BARBARIAN COMMANDER 66 Pts, XP: 0/3
  • Ooko: ELEMENTALIST 34 Pts (+ 75 Pts Summoning pool), XP: 0/3
    Item: Healing Potion
  • Erwig Bonetooth: ARCHER 50 Pts, XP: 0/3
  • Totila Roastlaw: ARCHER 50 Pts, XP: 0/3
  • Rodulf Wolfhowl: WARRIOR 36 Pts, XP: 0/3
  • Remos Arcfur: WARRIOR 36 Pts, XP: 2
    Moderate Injury: Q+1 for battle


The table is set up with mostly open ground with the Great Library in the centre, entrances in the East and West walls, with the warbands deploying along the North and South table edges. There were a number of expensive magical tomes still inside the library, and the warbands would be rewarded hansomely for any they took off their starting edge. The victory conditions were VPs for kills, not for books.

The two warbands set up and headed for opposite ends of the library (with the Bear cavalry looking to harass the foe)
The slippery conditions were making goings underfoot treacherous though with numerous slips (on a rolled "1")

The barbarians managed to rush inside first, even with some slipping in their hurry to get through the door, and immediately went looking for books.

Once inside the humans were able to take advantage of the dwarves slower progress and penetrate into the library, some taking up books whilst the archers pushed forward to lie in wait for the dwarves.

Ramos and Rodulf had picked up a couple of books and moved to guard the southern passageways.

Meanwhile though the dwarven force had started to enter en-mass (even if Falster did slightly lose a bit of dignity on the slippery flagstones).

The barbarian archers, Erwin and Totila took up position to get a jump on any dwarves looking to come into the library.

The remaining dwarves tried to gather round the library door to guard the exit. The force indoors burst through the doors, Tungdil leading two other warriors towards the archers, whilst Valgen and retinue headed towards a bookcase on the southern wall.

Totila was ready for the dwarven charge and fired at Tungdil.

The Elite Warrior hit the ground, dead.

But with numerical superiority the Dwarven warriors rushed in from all sides. The long range of the archers being hampered by the building walls meant that they couldn't manoeuver away from the threat. Snowbeard rushed into Erwin, but was too hasty and was knocked to the ground.

The humans countered. Despite the attentions of a young beardling Erwig finished off Snowbeard. Totila faired less well, finding himself at the feet of his young foe.

Totila was finished off, whilst Erwig could only fall under the power of his other attacker.

Suddenly it became apparent that time was almost up, and no-one had started to head home with their books. Valgen tried to hot foot it home, whilst the humans did likewise at the other end of the library.

Erwig managed to stand up, battle off his assailant and move away from the approaching youngster, his axe still wet.

This was the last action of the game, with no time left for any escape with tomes.

Battle Outcome:

  • Dwarf Kills: 50pts = 2VP
  • Barbarian Kills: 74pts = 3VP

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