Wednesday 30 May 2012

Timing Isn't Everything

You can't fault my timing. With a new Games Workshop prices rise and a change in editions on the horizon, what better time to take up 40k?

The reason for this is simple. Arabiansquire is old enough to be a club member in his own right (for the last year actually) but with the club running on Saturday mornings it's not always convenient for me to go. The lad's been dropped off a couple of times on his own and he's played away, roping in a willing participant for his own rules "system", but I've always felt it would be better if he could join a game other lads are playing. Happily there has been a influx of "new blood" to the club in the form of some youngsters all (not surprisingly) playing 40k. So last Saturday I dropped the wee lad off armed with our meagre collection of Space Marines for a lesson on how to play. He had a great time playing  independently with folk close to his own age and was full of enthusiastic chat about the game and his new friends. If ever there was a nice example of how tabletop gaming is a fun, social activity compared to online gaming this was it.

I'll just have keep this in mind as I trawl open my wallet for more Space Marine gear...


  1. Get yourself round the Bring & Buys and on Ebay. Having said that it will still cost a fortune if he wants to build a "competitive" army.

  2. also check bartertown for deals. especially for things like marine tactical squads, if you are willing to strip you can definitely save quite a bit.

  3. I'm not sure if Bartertown really works on this side of the pond. I keep seeing posts on various forums looking for a UK equivalent. Ebay would seem the way I'll have to go. There's at least a large second hand market there and should be able to get common units at a decent price. We'll just leave out the heavy armour for the moment - that's the stuff at REALLY eats up the cash.