Friday 18 May 2012

SoBH Battle #1.1

Battlefield: Forrest
Weather: Thunderstorm
Scenario: Treasure Hunt. 3 treasure objectives but only one has treasure. The treasure must be carried off the starting edge to claim the 5 victory points. 1VP per 25pts killed are also available.



Valgen Maest's Dwarves

Territory: Bolkrak Holdfast - Hill Land River, Tundra, Open Plain Mountains.
Traits: Nocturnal.
WB Current Points: 286, Net Gold: 14
Maximum Warband size: 14
  • Valgen Maest: DWARF COMMANDER (Sword, Shield, Chainmail)
    88 Pts
    , Quality 2+ Combat 4
    Short Move, Leader,
  • Falkaya Bloodsworn: Mrs Maest
    32 Pts
    , Quality 3+ Combat 3
    Short Move,
  • Falster Vonlyr: ELITE WARRIOR
    46 Pts
    , Quality 3+ Combat 4
    Short Move,
    Steadfast, Fearless
  • Red Beastsplitter: WARRIOR
    26 Pts
    , Quality 4+ Combat 4
    Short Move
  • Halgar Snowbeard: WARRIOR
    26 Pts
    , Quality 4+ Combat 4
    Short Move
  • Rir Glaivesmasher: CROSSBOWMAN
    24 Pts,
    Quality 4+ Combat 3
    Short Move, Medium Shooter
  • Redds Rhum: DWARF CAVALRY (Riding a bear)
    44 Pts,
    Quality 4+ Combat 3
    Running Blow

Johan's Beast Herd

Race: Beastmen/Chaos
Territory: Dark Forest.
Traits: Nocturnal.
WB Current Points: 279, Net Gold: 21
Maximum Warband size: 14

  • Johan Tierpfleger: HUMAN LEADER
    60 Pts
    , Quality 3+, Combat 3
  • Torgor: BEASTMAN #1
    32 Pts, Quality 4+, Combat 3
    Forester, Savage
  • Kragos: BEASTMAN #2
    32 Pts, Quality 4+, Combat 3
    Forester, Savage
  • Arax: BEASTMAN #3
    32 Pts, Quality 4+, Combat 3
    Forester, Savage
    52 Pts, Quality 3+, Combat 4
    Big, Savage
    32 Pts, Quality 4+, Combat 3
    Dashing, Savage
  • Kodar the Cruel: CHAOS WARRIOR
    39 Pts, Quality 3+, Combat 3
    Mutant, Heavy Armour

The Brave Companions of Kaleria

Race: Human
Territory: ?
Traits: ?
  • Maegor the Wicked of House Dagon: HUMAN CAVALRY LEADERPoints: 92, Quality 3+, Combat 4
  • Sir Eddrick of house Meridia: CRUSADER
    Points: 44 , Quality 3+, Combat 4
  • Sir Tytos of house Meridia: CRUSADER
    Points: 44 , Quality 3+, Combat 4
    Points: 30 , Quality 3+, Combat 3
  • Sandor the Steady (In service to house Dagon): ARCHERPoints: 44 , Quality 3+, Combat 3
    Shooter (Long)
  • ExterminatorPoints: 40 , Quality 3+, Combat 3
    Shooter (Med), Lethal vs Swarms
 The 3 forces were place placed roughly equi-distant from each other and the 3 treasure markers put on the board in a terrain feature as per the scenario rules.

Having a rocky outcrop in front of them the dwarves naturally split into two parties. The bear cavalry decides to use his speed advantage and charges up the field towards treasure 3.
The beastmen struggle with rolls, and a "1" rolled on the group move dice leaves the majority of the force stuck in the mud and only able to watch the dwarven cavalry thunder towards the treasure marker.

In a similar move of speed, the human force is making it's way steadily up board with their mounted leader racing though the central wooded copse to the treasure 2 marker. It takes him several turns to try and pick up the treasure though, wasting time and eventually discovering it contained no treasure.

A similar case of butter fingers stops the bear mounted dwarf from picking up the 3rd treaure objective. This lets the Mintaur Warrior close in, knock him down and then kill him. The savagery of the fight causes a moral test on the backup Dwarven warrior, who completely fails all dice and is gone.

 On the other side of the table the humans were having more treasure pick-up problems (it takes 2 action to pick up a marker), letting the other half of the Valgen led dwarves come round.

 A skirmish breaks out over the marker, the human force weakened by a couple of them being stuck in the woods trying to open the treasure chest. This gives the dwarven crossbow man time to get in range, take aim and knock down the human archer. The Crusader moves in to engage the Elite dwarf warrior and slow him down.

 The 2 lagging dwarves were left with a conondrum: race up and try and take on the Minotaur (who may not even have the treasure), or hang back and play the campaign game.

Finally the minotaur picks up the treasure marker and discovers it contains the much sought after treasure. Support from the rest of the warband also starts to arrive.

With the treasure now discovered on the other side of the table, the dwarf vs humans tussle takes on a different angle: trying weaken the opposition for the next battle. The dwarven elite warrior shows the way by killing the human crusader.

With no treasure at hand, a man down and a tough match up, the humans have a choice to make...

and retires!

But still the dwarven axes cry for blood. The treasure laden minotaur slowly make his way back to the required exit, with his comrades falling back to cover. The young minotaur pays the price for continually getting stuck in the heavy rain generated mud and is caught by the Elite warrior.

The elite warrior knocks the youngster down, and Valgen himself steps up and finishes the job as the rest of the beastmen leave with their spoils.

Battle result:
  • Beastmen: 68pts killed = 2VP + 5VP treasure = 7VP
  • Dwarves: 32pts killed = 1VP
  • Humans: 0pts killed = 0VP

Beastmen Win (1 CP)

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