Tuesday 15 May 2012

GW Chaos Dwarves

Our "Songs of Blades..." campaign is just about to reboot again after a few real lfe issues (holidays, illness, house moves, etc) had halted it in its tracks well over a month ago. In the interim the players have found a few new models, so we plan to start with re-jigged warband lists.

After a couple of games now with my beastmen, I'm finding that are playing an awful lot like my skaven against MacSvers tough dwarves, so I've decided to add some colour to the force and diversify my models a bit more.

One way was to fight fire-with-fire, so I managed to pick up a couple of old GamesWorkshop plastic Chaos dwarves and quickly get them painted up in my warband livery. Actually never really liked the big hats, but I do have to admit that they have a nice "classic" air about them.

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