Saturday 9 June 2012

Not Much To Write Home About

MacSver's Leader finds himself dwarfed (sic) by my latest beastman
(stats to follow)

It's been one of those weeks (or fortnights) in Arabiantowers where the hobbying has ground to a halt, by and large. Midweek gaming has been sporadic with the collapse of the RPGing and ill health (get well soon, Paul) my regular "school night" games have hit a blip. Also my painting had ground to a halt with my attempts to paint those infuriating fiddly trio Cygnar's "Black 13th".

With the one of our friends/foes unable to make it, I had a bounce match of "Songs Of Blades..." with MacSver, with mini-MacSver ably making up numbers again (and the young house cat Wookie in close attendance). Although we were using our standard warband types (MacSver: Dwarves;  myself:: Beastmen/Chaos) a one-off let us experiment with a couple of models were hadn't used and also just go hell-for-leather. It's very liberating not having to worry about the losses incurred for the next battle(s) and we all took advantage in a fun game (not that we ever have any other sort, happily)

And to add to the weeks good news I broke the back of the painters block, so should be back swing soon enough.

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  1. 'Stats to follow' Please, please take your time. Nobody wants to see them, honest :P