Monday 18 June 2012

Not Bored with a Board

Rainy Saturday's should be just right for hitting the gaming club, but with household chores in the morning (like taking the owner of the furry face above to the Vet) made that a non starter. So stuck in for the afternoon with it still raining should be signal for hobby shed action, but the table is covered in desirable goods released for the latest Hobby Shed sale [hint, hint :-) ] so another dead end.

Time to break out a board game. In this case the Dungeons and Dragons boardgame. I even managed to rope in the ArabianQueen for a rare game - it must have been rainy! We played the second adventure, although the first one was hardly fresh in our minds! But by half way through we all had the rules and mechanics mostly understood and it all went swimmingly. Nice way to spend part of the day together (even if it does seem to require Arabiansquire exclaiming "Hack and Slash" every few minutes).


  1. I can highly recommend the three D&D boardgames that are currently available. Although the RPG isn't to my taste the Ravenloft, Ashardalon and Drizzt boardgames are really replayable, easy to pick up and play and fantastic value for money.

    They are like 4th Ed with all the roleplaying bits ripped out. If you don't cooperate you die.

  2. Nice! Soetimes its the spontaneous games with family and friends that are the most memorable

  3. I've heard good things about the new D&D games, but I'll have to look around for a game sometime - my budget is a bit tied up at the moment :-(