Thursday 12 April 2012

Warmachine - Cygnar Trencher Proxies

The pretenders

The real deal

After only a mere 17 months from their "creation" my first Proxy Cygnar troops are painted. I'm quite pleased the way they've turned out, but obviously they'll have to fit in with the rest of my Cygnar force.  But as the colour scheme for the rest of the force is based on these chaps it shouldn't be a problem. The fact that I've also managed to customise these figures to make the trencher based solo's and unit attachments will also help give the force cohesion.

Talking of colour schemes, and again feel free to skip this next part as it's primarily to aid my memory, here's what I used.

  • Coats: GW Foundation Dheneb Stone
  • Trousers: Miniature Paints Earth Brown
  • Boots and Gun Stock: Miniature Paints Chocolate Brown
  • Helmet & Gloves: GW Foundation Calthan Brown
  • Shoulder and Knee pads: GW Foundation  Mordian Blue
  • Bed Roll: Miniature Paints Stone Green
  • Backpack and Holster: GW Desert Yellow
  • Waterbottle: Miniature Paints Brown
  • Front Webbing: Miniature Paints Bronze
  • Gas masks: Miniature Paints Mid Grey
Wash with diluted Vallejo Sepia and highlight with original colours again.

I chose to wash with Vallejo Sepia this time as it gives a warmer and less gritty feel.


  1. Normally I hate proxy stuff (I had a mate that used Nurgle daemons ad menoth knights) but these look great!

  2. If you hadn't of show the real miniatures. I wouldn't have known the difference. They look like they will fit in really well

  3. Thanks for the positive comments. I'm glad you think they look the part. I'm very much of the opinion that the proxies should be alternative representations of the original models where cash can be saved. If I can't find a cheaper alternative I'll just use the actual models.

    1. Heya AK, Monk from TMP here. Just wanted to reiterate how much I like the colour schemes you chose for those figs- you've still got my mind swirling through potential combinations now, based around the idea of a very light central colour supported with earth tones and setting off a strong primary colour. Such a great idea- thanks again for the inspiration. :)

      I'm not sure if this'll work out this way, but if it gives you the option, would you mind terribly throwing an email my way? Wouldn't mind picking your brain for some further colour ideas, but more importantly, have seen some conversion ideas I think perk your interest, that I'd like to send your way.

      - Monk

  4. Hiya (again) Monk. Thanks agian for the enthusiastic comment. Glad something I can do can inspire :-P Good reply post <\a> on TMP by the way

    I would give you an email but can't find where to do so. I've updated my blogger profile so that you can directly email me now and then we can exchange ideas.

    1. Sorry about the delay- I'll try to remember to email you this afternoon.

      Things've just been insanely hectic here, and getting online, period, has gotten lost in the shuffle the past few days.

      I'd email you now, but it's 6:20am, and I'm heading to bed. Understandable, I think. :D

      - Monk