Monday 23 April 2012

Quick Desert Terrain

starting point
It can seem a quiet week when nothing is really happening! Both my regular RPG and gaming partners compadre's have been hit by more important real-life concerns, so no gaming reports of late. I decided to take Arabiansquire to our local club on the Saturday, especially as he'd been asking to play some Warmachine and I'd been spending some of the down time applying paint to some more Cygnar models.

 I'd also picked up some spare packaging from work during a tidy up. I'm sure many gamers round the globe have looked at the new prefered cardboard pulp packaging and thought that some scenery should be possible with it. Well it was my turn. i looked at these numerous times of the last few years, but the pieces are never the correct shape or scale for the strange desert buildings I imagine they should look like. Then I realised that they would work just fine as just large mounds. No need to complicate matters as they'd serve the same gaming purpose.

As chance would have I've also had a couple of cans of textured spray paint sitting in the garage waiting to be used. So probably the quickest terrain project in history was done.

The high sides of the packaging were cut off to reveal the main mound shape. The darker spary was used and immediately afterwards the lighter shade was sprayed on. That's it! Just to make anyone aware, not only should you spray these in a well ventilated area, but make sure you leave them to dry there as well (preferably outside or in a shed/garage) as the smell is quite potent.

I managed a couple of test pieces before we headed down to the club. They use textile dust sheets as they're default table covering, so the sandy/tan cardbaord mounds fit in quite nicely with them. Job done.

In action


  1. very effective. I come across these quite often. What sprays do you use?

    1. Brummie, they are made under the "Rustoleum" brand. I'm pretty sure that I picked them up at B&Q. They've a range of colours and texture grades.

  2. These look great Sam. Super easy too. Have you checked out

    I should have a piccy update for you soon. Not tons of progress but hopefully it's cool and you like what I've done.

    1. Cheers, Tristan. I have looked at your "other" site (of many!), but not for a while I must confess. Although from junk these don't compare to the excellent pieces of scratch building on display there.