Tuesday 3 April 2012

The Red Menace

Back in September 1993 the grim dark future looked brighter, or at least the 40k version was anyway. Issue 165 of White Dwarf (part cover above, "Doom Of The Eldar" by Dave Gallagher) was excitedly gearing up for the new BOXED version of Warhammer 40,000 (version 2 for you kids out there!) with a long interview with Rick Priestly. The colourful painting style in vogue in the Fantasy world was still carrying over to the 40k world as well, as the photo below of the painted model Tyranid from the cover shows (also from Issue 165)

As ever Copyright obviously stays with the original owner (be it Games Workshop or the artist) and I hope that any interested parties will take these posts in the admiring showcase spirit that is intended.


  1. My second edition genestealer cult army was a bit of a technicolour monstrosity too. I got the right general colours -- blue for the carapace, mauve for the flesh -- but for some reason I went with far brighter shades, so my genestealers were sky blue and pink. They still ate everything though!

  2. Tyranids for the worlds. Loved all the classic termagent weaponry

  3. This is when I left RPGs behind, and made my way into TTGs. Gosh I loved 40k 2ed.

    Very cool mini.


  4. I miss this period! The colors were so much FUN!

  5. THere is indeed something gloriously right and wrong at the same time in those bright colours. I sure that once you'd taken the plunge and painted them fun was assured!