Friday 30 March 2012

40mm Pirates - Preview

With his collection sitting in the cupboards and shelves untouched for ages, Arabiansquire's Mega Bloks Pirate collection has been crying out for a ruleset for some "proper" playtime. 40mm from foot to eye level and with a collection of islands, hideouts and ships I suspect the assembled game will look irrisistable.

Then Ganesha released "Flashing Steel", their (standalone) Pirate/Musketeer Swashbuckling ruleset. To my credit, once the idea to apply it to the toy pirates came round, I managed to resist for as much as a few hours. Based on the "Songs of..." system I know it will be easy to play and fun. Looking through the book, the fgures are much more custonisable then "Songs of...", with weapon specific skills, quality checks are abstact tests to encourage players to just try things in character and a specific "Swashbuckle" test to get people swinging from rigging and throwing chickens during battle.

All I need to do to do for my own personal use, I feel, is draw up a Random Pirate Generator (surely one of the most excellent titles for a table ever!) for pulling together a diverse gang of "skilled" individuals and playing.

Watch this space...

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