Saturday, 17 March 2012

Viridian Test Paint

The first quick test paint for my Viridian Marine force is now done. Always worth doing to get to know the figure style and details. One strange thing i noticed is that the scuplts of the boots are different on left boot from the right! I checked the other figures and they are the same? Weird.

Anyway, time to note down the colours used for my future reference, so feel free to skip this paragraph.

Prime: Black
  • Armour: Miniature Paints Stone Green
  • Clothes: Miniature Paints Earth Brown
  • Boots and Gloves: GW Foundation Brown
  • Webbing: Miniature Paints Rust
  • Bedding Roll: Miniature Paints Pale Flesh
  • Gun: Black
  • Face Mask: Miniature Paints Dark Grey
Wash entire figure in GW Devlan Mud and highlight with watered down versions of base paints.

The end isn't quite as dark as the photo but looks OK at the standard speed tabletop arms length visual. A bonus for this starter pack (as far as speed painting is concerned) is that there are no character pieces - everyone is in standard Marine uniform (to be honest, one of the reasons I picked them!)


  1. Scheme looks good. How weird is the boots being different though!

  2. Thanks. I know about the boots, unless I'm missing something about the uniform design??