Thursday 22 March 2012

SoBH2 - Battle #1

SoBH Battle #1 - New Enemies

Battlefield: Hilly
Weather: Heavy Rain
Scenario: Take The High Ground

Forces: As per Initial Warbands Post


The Humans, Dwarves and Beastmen deploy roughly equi-distant from the objective hill. Initiatives are re-rolled at the end of each turn phase.

With extra victory points up for grabs for occupying the high ground the initial action was the dash for the hill. With any roll of a one making the model immobile (due to the heavy rain rules) left the field spread out. With a good set of activation rolls the dwarves nearly made it, but the beastmen managed to get a couple of bodies up during the same turn phase denying the dwarves the extra early points.
With a crowd gathering for battle on the hill top the humans arrive, the heavy rain taking toll on their progress towards the action. The dwarves come round the hill to meet the leader, but lose their blunderbus wielding shooter.

With the dwarf group slightly split, the beastmen gang up on a dwarven warrior to take advantage, but even though outnumbered he holds off three seperate attacks.
The humans charge up the hill to join in the melee, but their leader is knocked down in the attack, and is killed, causing some of them to flee the battle.

With humans blocking one of the beastmen sides the dwarves flank and move in. Their attacks knock down the beastmen leader and centaur leaving them prone targets for the few remaining opportunistic humans to come in and take them out.

Chaos reigns (or not in this case) in the beastmen ranks and they flee the battle, leaving the humans and dwarves on the hill as the skirmish ends.

Battle result:
  • Beastmen: 177pts killed = 8VP
  • Dwarves: 32pts killed = 1VP
  • Humans: 224pts killed = 11VP
Humans Win  (1 CP)


  1. great report. A close fought game. Surprised me the Dwarf that fended all the other attackers off at the beginning. Are the Dwarves good fighters or does it depend on stats?

  2. As I'm the beastman player it suprised (or dismayed) me as well. The dwarves are a real tough bunch! Their combat stat is one more than either human or beastmen so pretty hard. Combined with the dwarf players mystical dice rolling - a hard match!