Friday 27 April 2012

Convention Countdown

It's only about about a week away. What I hear you cry? Well one of the highlights of my gaming calander - Carronade, hosted by the Falkirk Wargames Club.
Unlike previous years I'm not selling anything. I've not enough wargimng "stock" to justify a table this year, and I found out last year that filling up with other gaming bits 'n' pieces (RPG, MTG, etc) doesn't really sell.

On the up side this should give enough time to fit in an extra game, which will be good news for Arabiansquire & friend. For a quick look at the website it appears that we could looking at Mordheim, WWII air combat, Victorian fantasy/SF, Pirates, Urban War and others. Lots of prospective fun for young and old. Most anticipated is the Crooked Dice demo table. I desperately want to get into their 7TV & Doctor Who Miniatures games but can never seem to clear my table of projects to give it the attention I know I'd need and want to give it, so to get a demo game has me all aquiver!

In a pre-order...
Also unusually I also have quite a large list of "wants" to prepare for the show this year, from specific paints to figures to bases. Or more precisely I'm looking to buy stuff this year instead of the usual trying to resist buying stuff! Whether all these things will be in evidence is another matter as a couple of key traders seem to be missing this year as far as I can tell. But I'll need to pour through a couple of websites as get a full list written down, throttle back my pre-orders where possible and see what lady luck brings!


  1. Would the Mordheim scenarios allow your own figures or provide figs (just that setting up a warband could be time consuming - whereas if they hand you a pre-generated warband you could be having a blast in no time) - that would be my only concern about Mordheim, as it is a total blast to play!

    How close are you to Falkirk? That's where my grandfather was from - and why when I have the time I try to keep abreast of the Bairns and how they're doing (not so well in recent times :( )

  2. I'm sure the Mordheim game will have pre-gen warbands. Most convention participation games I've played are a sit down, handed stats and go for 90+ minutes affair. Ideal entertainment. I'm sure we'll be looking there - 10 years olds just down have the nostalgia for cult TV ;-)

    Falkirk is only about 30 minutes drive away, so nice and easy. For no real reason I without supporting them I've a soft spot of The Bairns, I don't know why.