Friday, 16 December 2011

Zombies and Looting in the Country

After the Zombie Apolcalypse there is no point trying to defeat them, just try to survive around them.

In this "All Things Zombie" 3 player scenario (Arabiansquire, Halo*Star and myself) Arabiansquire controlled the family boarded up in their home, Halo*Star had The Goons, a set of mobsters, and Arabianknight controlled a trio of Ex Territorial Army cadets.
The Force makeup was:

  • Family: Dad (Rep 5, Shotgun, bat), Ashley (Rep 4 Pistol, Chainsaw), Granny (Rep 3, Shotgun)
  • Goons: Steve (Rep 5, Machine Pistol), John (Rep 4, Pistol), Bill (Rep 4, Pistol)
  • ex-TA: Sgt Wells (Rep 4, Submachine gun), Terry (Rep 4, Submachine Gun), Spoon (Rep 4, Bolt-action Rifle)


The Ex-TA came in from the woods at one end of the table. The Mobsters came via the road behind the garage at the opposite end. The family were holed up in their boarded cottage. All the buildings (garage, generator shed, cottage and rear workshop) were considered to be standard ATZ buildings.

Starting Zombies were generated as per the rural rules. Worth noting for history that the large group of zeds on the opposite side of the garage from the Mob were a result of Halo*Star rolling seven consecutive "2"s!

The Mobsters work their way round the area, missing
some approaching zombies.

Meanwhile the TA take cover behind the workshop
as some undead emerge from the woods

As the zombie horde is drawn to the gunfire, most the mob open fire
but one can't fight off a brace of dead and goes down.

The weekend soldiers clear the are and make it to the front door
 of the workshop.

On the other side of the cottage the two surviving criminals
run round the back of the genrator enclosure, hoping their
now ex-colleague will provide a feast distraction.

"One stands guard, two go in" are the orders for the TA.
They bump into a trio of other survivors who, after a tense
moment or two decide to joint the soldiers.

The two mob men make it to the kitchen door...

but are greeted with a pistol blast from Ashley and
forced to duck back.

Ill advisedly, Ashley decides to follow up but
gets gunned down by the goons  reaction fire.

Coast clear, the final soldier enters the workshop.

Not wanting to rush through the door again the mobman
rips off the boards covering the window - only to be immediately
blasted my Dad's shotgun.

All alone the final suited criminal decides to leave.

The group in the workshop make a break, but with a couple of poor
activations are cut off.

They attempt to blast a path clear...

But fail and beat a hasty retreat, leaving the cottage occupants
to patch up.


  1. Nicely done. Thanks for the bat rep.

  2. Very cool great report!

    Are the TA boys from Gripping beast?

  3. Thanks, guys.

    Brummie, those are indeed Gripping Beast Falkland Marines (with Woolly Hats head sprue)

  4. nice report, I'm really looking forward to playing my own ZA games when my zeds arrive for xmas and will post the reports. We'll be using the Dead Walk Again rules so will be fun i'm sure!