Monday 5 December 2011

Warmachine - Epic Asphixious and Warwitch Siren

Nothing like lining up a couple of games to give you a push to the painting table. These have been sitting in a partially painted state (along with a couple of others) for weeks. Part of the reason is that I don't particularly like the sculpts. eGaspy just looks awkward and the almost skipping pose of the Warwitch looks strange on the table. As a result these have been painted to a table top finish, with very much a focus on the word finish! They are done, look OK on the table and I can cross them off my list. Sometimes I think you've just got push on.

Two more similar candidates are close on their heals...


  1. There's a reason I spent some time tilting Asphyxious forward on his soul-nado and repositioning his arms so he was actually doing something with them.

    It's 'cause the model broke, but it's worked out all right in the end!

  2. Yup, he looks like a novice surfer!