Thursday 29 December 2011

Warmachine - The Final Hurdle(d)

Just in at last gasp, not only the final completed mini's of the year, but also the final mini's of my Warmachine Cryx Army. These were very late additions that came in right at the start of the month, but I've got them finished to draw a line under my Cryx force.

First up a Stalker to add to my other Bonejacks. I imagine it will be accompanied by pistol and machine wraiths most time it hits the table.

And last, but not least, >Master Necrotech Mortenebra and Deryliss.

Nearly all thought my force building I have tried to focus (excuse the pun) on building a Warjack centred force. They were the reason I was attracted to the game in the first place. I've struggled a bit, mostly through my lack of trawling fanboy forums, to get something that is effective. Not wanting to open my wallet to the ridiculous expensive of any of the Bane units would have popular opinion saying I've a weak force, it would seem. Also the better heavy warjacks come over my individual model spend limit (Death Jack excluded, but I picked him up £10 cheaper as an Ebay "bargain").
 But at the end of November I finally read up about this warcaster and her 'jack boosting powers. Better than just that, it would seem that her spells will get the most out of the cheaper end 'jacks I've been collecting. So I'm looking forward to her taking the field.

It was also useful that these final last minute additions were such a blooming pain to assemble. Any time I fancy adding to the force I should look at them and remember the blue language that hit the airways!


  1. I... didn't find Mortenebra that hard. I have had to rebuild one of her arms after it snapped in half a while back, but she wasn't any worse than any of the other Privateer models I've built (and yes, she does wonders for cheap and cheerful 'jack builds, that's why I like her too).

    I do like those swirly eerie purple arc markings, by the way.

  2. I was expecting the "spider legs" to be the hard part, but it was her top mech arms that were the pain for me.

    Thanks for the purple appreciation. Amazing what purple ink over white can do :-)