Sunday, 18 December 2011

Lord Of The Rings Hexscape

The glorious dark forces stream forward
from their home base.
Halo*Star was doing a pre-Christmas visit so as Arabiansquire still had his Heroscape layout set up on the Hobby Shed table, we had a 4 400pt  force battle. Halo*Star and Arabianaquire were the forces of the Free People, and I played bth dark forces of Sauron.

Although we could have played the Hex battle rules, we are are more familiar with Heroscape, so used the stat cards available from boardgamegeek to set the forces up for a "capture the flag" style game.

You'll be glad to here that Sauron's dark shadow will not be falling over you for now, as the good forces eventually managed to flank round the over-stretched dark forces to win.

Aragon and a Rohim guard take on a Troll

The Elven guard flank round and cut off the enemy
from their own home glyph. The game is up!

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