Friday 23 December 2011

Frugal Accounting - Year End

Well that's the year over for my accounting. Let the lies and accussations begin to fly.
But first the hard, indesputable facts:
  • Total Spend: 417.08 (average monthly spend 34.76)
  • Total Income: 411.37
  • Net Total Spend: 5.71

Two things stand out here. One is that my net spend over the year is under £6 ( under $9 for those across the pond). if I'd pulled my finger out and done a bit more selling I could have been in the black, but never mind. Still got to be happy with that. Another figure is that I spent over £400 pounds over the year. To be honest this is quite shocking, as I thought I'd been keeping quite a tight lid on my spend, but it just goes to show how it all mounts up, especially with a couple of bigger projects/spends dotted throughout the year. On looking through the accounts the main drains were:
  • Cryx: 99.49
  • Urban War: 97.91
  • 40k: 36.45
  • 28mm Fantasy: 44.73

And to think that back in January I'd announced that most of the spending had already been done on Warmachine! This does probably mirror where most the hobby activities have been focused this year, mind you, so I shouldn't be surprised. The obvious exception is Urban War, but that is one really for developing in 2012 (a subject for a later post).

Similarly the number of figures bought this year was unexpectedly high:
  • 28mm Bought: 161, Painted:87 
  • 10mm Bought: 37, Painted 19
But I have managed to painted more than half the number I bought this year. In some cases the completed models were even some of the models that were purchased the same year - turnaround bonus! It is by far the highest number I've painted over 12 months so I'm a very happy bunny.

But enough of the number crunching lets move onto the nostalgic highlights of the year.

Progress in January's plans were discussed and plans ammended in July at the six month point. Most of my plans for the second half of the year didn't really happen. I've not finished my Space Marines (mostly because I already had enough for my games) and my Doctor Who never took off at all. My Cryx, whilst not played too much are just about finished. My final 3 (another final 3 from before) are at the detail and basing stage, so a good evening should see them good. I'm desperate to get these done before the end of December to draw a line under this force.I did finish off a Future warband for Chain Reaction, and added and started new fantasy models, so on the way there.

Finally getting my ratmen through the "Songs of Blades..." campaign was great. Fun and rewarding. A new map based campaign (laboriously worked out by MacSver) should be in the offing next year. I had great success with the pod racing as well. It's numerous games were played with a variety of players and without exception everyone enjoyed themselves. When I've managed to get a game Arabiansquire this year we've been enjoying using TwoHour Wargames Chain Reaction or 5150 rules with Space Marines & Necrons or generic squads. It had been an ambition since the start of 2010 to use THW rulesets more, so I'm happy that we're managing it now. We could have donw with a few more games, but when times are busy there isn't always time to dedicate 2 or 3 hours in a day to one game. Hopefully there wil be more gaming time next year.

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