Monday, 28 November 2011

Re-starting the Warmachine

Deneghra advances with her two heavy 'jacks
Managed to get some time this Saturday to get along to our local club. For a bit of a change (slightly motivated by the chance of a game this week with MacSver) we dug out some Cryx mini's. I had planned to play as before, using the Cryx and Cygnar starter Battle groups , as these reduce the options enough for us to play. Arabainsquire had other ideas and wanted a Cryx vs Cryx battle (no doubt inspired by a couple of games he's seen recently at the club).
Arabiansquire's heavy metal come forward to
meet the challenge.

So I managed to cobble together a couple of 15pt lists that I hoped would work closely enough. The problem was that the new forces and unfamiliarity led to some tactical mistakes (either forces too far forward or too cautious to get into the action), so despite it being fun it didn't quite work out.
The Cankerworm gets reeled in and finished off.

I'll probably go back to the original Cryx/Cygnar combo next time until we can become more familiar with the game again. My bargaining position would probably improve of course if I actually painted my Cygnar!


  1. Holy crap! Is that the Halo multi-player map set in the desert?!

    Did you make that?

  2. Ha,ha. Good Eye. It is but I didn't.

    It was made by my local club, Livingston Battleground, for an "On-The_Table" set of rules they'd created to recreate the video game with Halo minis. A few years ago now, but I seem to remember enjoying a game (even if I was a bit lost as I haven't played Halo.