Saturday 5 November 2011

Vasa Vasa Everywhere

...oh my, what a load to paint!

How often does this happen? You get into a new game, carefully buying a starter set to see how it goes, then before you know if you're having a peek at Ebay to see the state of the second hand market and bidding on more troops.

Well you can chalk up another notch on the "excited bargain" bid-ometer. A Bargain too good [for me] to pass up came up, and although with a bit of self-control I picked up a good sized force. Too big to completely field  in Urban War I'm sure (still only played the demo game a couple of weeks ago) and I don't know if it's big enough for Metropolis (which doesn't bother my Skirmish force head anyway)

So what did I get?

10 Suppressors (2 Baton, 8 Gauss Rifle), 3 Snipers, 4 Grenade Launcher Suppressors, 6 Archangels, 1 Archangel Sergeant, 2 Black Legion, Kali, Neura, Konrad and a Pacifier. And I suppose you can add in the included Mercs USCR force (as they were included). Not bad for under £44 all told - so quite chuffed.

"All" I need to do is figure out an easy colour scheme to get through them!


  1. Check out my spyrers, you can probably do something similar for the mercs. Use black & one other strong colour (I chose red, blue or green could work) and basecoat. Then drybrush white all over. The one stain with a couple coats of whatever GW wash you like. Pick out metallics and your done.

  2. I'll deffo check them out as a reference, thanks.

    I'm pretty much thinking along the lines of base coat and dip for speed to the tabletop at the moment.