Friday 11 November 2011

SoBH Battle #6 - Final Battle

Battlefield: Swamp
Weather: Thunderstorm
Scenario: On Difficult Ground

(New additions/changes to the warbands are in italics. Full stats shown for new recruits)

Valgen Maest's Warband (366 Pts)
  • Valgen Maest : DWARF COMMANDER (1XP) 95 Pts
  • Ovthur Whurdar: Crossbowman (1XP) 32 Pts
  • Falster Vonlyr: Elite Warrior (1XP) 52pts
  • Gnok Radamal: Elite Warrior 46 Pts
  • Harthic Urduum: Warrior (1XP) 40 Pts
  • Tyban Duerstenr : Crossbowman 24 Pts
  • Horget Goodseeker : Crossbowman 24 Pts
  • Venfi Fiendbreaker : Skirmisher 18 Pts
  • Bolbir Dwifik: Thief 36 Pts
The Blightvale Autho-RAT-y (344 Pts)
  • Skeener - Leader (1XP) 75 Pts
  • Rusineth - Swarm Master (1XP) 46 Pts
    [Heavy Armour]
  • Masssch - Warrior (1XP) 46 Pts
  • Kritsk - Warrior  27 Pts  
  • Skritskik - Warrior 27pts
  • Grisak - Champion Warrior 35 Pts
  • Durlik - Thrower  (1XP)27 Pts
  • Ikineth - Standard Bearer (1XP) 27 Pts
  • Rat Swarm (x1) 22 Pts
The Setup was as above. All the table was considered swamp (and therefore broken/rough terrain) except for the road. Other terrain features (pond/bog, woodland) were considered appropriate for the "On Broken Ground" special rules (risk of death upon entering). The battle was played to a time limit unless one force was completely defeated.

When the weather was rolled it became apparent that this battle was going to be a long slog. The swamp was already reducing movement length by one category, which meant that the Dwarves were needing 2 actions to just move at all. The Thunderstorm rules also meant that if a "1" was rolled the model became stuck for that turn and couldn't move, even if it had rolled enough other actions to do so.
With the rats needing at least a kill to try and win (and draw the campaign) they manouvered themselves into a disorderly column and made as best haste as possible down the road. The dwarves, having started in the far corner from the road were making heavy work of making any progress.
After quite a few rounds the main rat force had moved up table, whilst the dwarves tried to move in table. Both sides were avoiding the potential perils of crossing terrain pieces. The group of warriors had moved round to square off with the approaching dwarves, whilst the beastmaster (and his lagging swarm) manouvered into a flanking position.
The main rat group held back from the ranged dwarves that had moved up to protect the advancing warriors. They knew that with the swampy condition a long range charge was out of the question. The dwarves also took a risk (a false risk as it turned out) and moved into the forest areas to get out of the bottleneck and give good flanking protection to the advance crossbows. The Rat Leader positioned himself round the corner from the ranged foe, but close enough to give his warriors as much a boost as he could with his leader skill. Time was running out and any successful attack was likely to be the winning one.
But at the last gasp the rats threw a succession of triple ones on the dice (much to MacSver's amusement) and the attack faltered. The swarm-master was too far away to make an attack, so retreated to not get caught by a crossbow bolt. The lead crossbow dwarf took the last action with an extremely long range shot which missed.

And so the battle ended. The rats were cagey, and the dwarves couldn't make headway in the mud. That would be the match summary.

Battle Outcome: Draw.

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