Tuesday 8 November 2011

SoBH Battle #5

Battlefield: Open Ground
Weather: Heat Wave
Scenario: Take The Land
Defender: Ratmen

(New additions/changes to the warbands are in italics. Full stats shown for new recruits)

Valgen Maest's Warband (366 Pts)
  • Valgen Maest : DWARF COMMANDER (1XP) 95 Pts
  • Ovthur Whurdar: Crossbowman (1XP) 32 Pts
  • Falster Vonlyr: Elite Warrior (1XP) 52pts
  • Gnok Radamal: Elite Warrior 46 Pts
  • Harthic Urduum: Warrior (1XP) 40 Pts
  • Tyban Duerstenr : Crossbowman 24 Pts
  • Delgar Faderg: Magic-User; (1XP) 41 Pts
  • Bolbir Dwifik: Thief 36 Pts
The Blightvale Autho-RAT-y (407 Pts)
  • Skeener - Leader (1XP) 75 Pts
  • Hasnaar - Shaman (1XP) 46pts
    [Equip: Magic scroll]
  • Rusineth - Swarm Master (1XP) 46 Pts
  • Masssch - Warrior (1XP) 46 Pts
  • Griszarr - Warrior (1XP) 46 Pts
  • Kritsk - Warrior  27 Pts  
  • Skritskik - Warrior 27pts
  • Durlik - Thrower  (1XP)27 Pts
  • Ikineth - Standard Bearer (1XP) 27 Pts
  • Rat Swarm (x2) 22 Pts

The pillars represented objectives to be captured and held.

The ratmen decided to use their superior movement and rushed forward for the opening turns to take the nearest objectives and rack up some  early victory points.
The advance group of rats had managed to reach the area around furthest away objective at the same time as the dwarves. But at the crucial turn, the commander (ie me!) took the decision to fall back and not be surrounded by the tough dwarves. In hindsight, pushing on to the objective could well have won the game, that'll teach me not to pay attention to the scenario enough!
An experienced crossbowman took out one of the new rat recruits on the group fringe before a warrior rushed in and attacked at the same edge.
Another knockdown was won, whilst the crossbowman fell back as the rat reinforcements arrived by way of a rat swarm and their master.
Things looks dark for the dwarves. The rats swarms round the lone dwarf warrior, whilst the crossbowman was frozen by magic.
But a series of rolls that would have seen MacSver run out  of Las Vegas(and me with out a shirt on my back) had the warrior fighting off rat attack after rat attack. The crossbowman did fall, but the crucial action was at the other side of the melee.
With the rats tied up by the warrior a lone crossbowman skirted round and shot down the rat leader with a single bolt, killing him outright!

With all the action happening such a small area there was mass panic in the rat ranks, as they fled, or at least tried to several of them couldn't flee far enough away from their foes and were destroyed. WIth the rat force wiped out the dwarves controlled the battlefield and the win.


  1. just curious what's up with the difference in points values? are you just playing with what you have painted or am I missing something ?? ??

  2. We both started with a 300pt force but as you progress you can spend gold winnings on recruiting new warband members, so the force points change (similarly as members die). Also experience points for each member can be spent on new skills, which effect the point value of the figure.