Thursday, 3 November 2011

Who are these guys?

I've just taken delivery of an Ebay bargain Urban War Vasa force (coming in a post soon). These 5 armoured marines types were included in the auction (the picture is actually lifted from the auction description) but I can't find a match for them on any Urban War/Metropolis/Void site. I'm not wrangling about what I've won - more than happy - but I like to know what my minis are.

Can anyone Help ID these?


  1. look like mercs - uscr to me. the russian con

  2. Well done that man! Those are spot on. cheers.

    You're Harlie went in the post on Tuesday, BTW.

  3. Cheers mate looking forward to it.
    My buddies happen to have started playing it recently is the only reason I recognized them.

  4. OOO they look cool in the flesh so to speak. I would of had no idea

  5. They are indeed pretty nice. Don't know anyone who plays Mercs, but on a bit of Google-fu I see that I have a playable force (in fact the rules says the MAXIMUM no of figures is 5) so I'll keep these in reserve for painting sometime, and if someone does pick up the game I only have to by a card pack.

    I'll treat these as a little bonus freebee of my auction.

  6. the game mechanic is quite interesting, with movement based on the cards and snapping to terrain. also initiative plays a significant factor which is rolled on a d10 every turn. i enjoyed a little demo type game we played, but would probably just proxy whoever with space marines ;) (or maybe harlequins :) )