Tuesday 11 October 2011

Tristan's Harlequin - WIP

After months of inactivity I finally started to put some paint on the well traveled Harley in my desk. Not much to show so far, but enough to get a general idea. Hopefully Tristan won't think the whole postage and experience was a waste!

Still not decided what I'm doing with the legs yet. I don't think my free-hand will stand the diamond pattern I'd love to do, we'll all have to wait and see...


  1. Gah what a waste of postage and a cool figure ;-)
    Looking forward to it. None with bright orange yet!

  2. Glad you OK. With my time though at the moment it may still be a little while until conpletion.

  3. Hey no worries Sam. I got a layer of flesh on your goliath looking dude and then had to pack everything up while we work on selling our condo. Take your time! :)