Wednesday 26 October 2011

Urban War Skirmish

Well last Saturday saw the charity wargame event that was Skirmish. Not so much a show, more of lots of organised games/tournaments with a few demo games thrown in. I couldn't enter any of the organised events (tournaments aren't really my bag anyway) but Arabiansquire and I went down to support the charity (Erskine, caring for war veterans) and see if we could pick up a game of something new or different. One of the tables was being held by Urban Mammoth demo-ing their newly released 2nd Edition of Urban War. I've seen Urban Mammoth at quite alot of shows up here in Scotland over the years but never played. They had disappeared for a while, so it was nice to see them back. So nice in fact that we had a game to see how it went. Very well as it turned out. The game using a couple of starter boxes was simple, quick and fun. I lost as usual but we both enjoyed the game.

So much so that I blew all the cash in my beleagered wallet on a couple of starter sets. I picked (with help, of course) Viridian and Vasa. I like the pseudo russian look of the Vasa (which will hopefully keep me away from Warmachine Khador temptation) and the "generic" marine look of the Viridian. The models are also not tied into the game so much that I won't be able to use them for other games, which is also a big attraction and good value for money. I also picked these as they should be relatively unfiddely and quick to paint. As I'm still trying to finish my Warmachine Cryx this was also an attraction.

The starter sets come with a mixed force of 7 or 8 models, stat cards, quick start rules, reference sheet and a couple of dice. The rulebook (which was also on show) is a lovely full colour A5 affair with loads of pictures and all the stats for the forces, which will be quite usefull for those with version 1 stats. I didn't have enough cash on me to pay the reasonable £10 for the book at the show, but it is available via the website at the same price, but I bought the more frugal pdf to print out for just over a fiver (6 Euros). With a host of scenarios downloaded from the website aswell, I'll have to get the figures glued and get going...


  1. Glad to see you had a good time and at the same time supporting a worthy cause :-)

    Good luck with Urban War - I had the first edition but sold it as support dropped - oh well thats the way the dice roll some days...

  2. I hope so. Once all is assembled we'll give it a bash in the hobby shed without an expert!