Saturday 8 October 2011

SoBH Battle#3

Battlefield: Forest
Weather: Heat Wave
Scenario: Assassination
Defender: The Blightvale Autho-RAT-y

(New additions/changes to the warbands are in italics. Full stats shown for new recruits)

Valgen Maest's Warband
  • Valgen Maest : DWARF COMMANDER (2XP) 95 Pts
  • Ovthur Whurdar: Crossbowman (1XP) 24 Pts
  • Bolbir Dwifik: Thief (2XP) 30pts
  • Falster Vonlyr: Elite Warrior (2XP) 46pts
    Equipment: Healing Potion
  • Harthic Urduum: Warrior (2XP) 34 Pts
  • Klob Garathal: CROSSBOWMAN (Chainmail, Crossbow) 24 Pts
    Quality 4+, Combat 3
    Short Move, Medium Shooter
  • Delgar Faderg: MAGIC-USER; (dagger) 41 Pts
    Quality 4+, Combat 3
    Short Move, Magic-user
The Blightvale Autho-RAT-y
  • Skeener - Leader (2XP) 60 Pts
  • Rusineth - Swarm Master (2XP) 46 Pts
  • Masssch - Warrior (2XP) 27 Pts
  • Griszarr - Warrior (2XP)27 Pts
  • Durlik - Thrower  (2XP)27 Pts
  • Ikineth - Standard Bearer (2XP) 27 Pts
  • Rat Swarm (x2) 22 Pts

Rats at the nearside, Dwarves far edge (ranged on road, melee off road)
The whole table is considered to be forest, with the exception of the road running the length of the table and a circular clearing in the table centre. This meant that for the second battle running the dwarves would need two actions to move if they were away from the road or the clearing (as well as all the usual line of sight restrictions). The assanination scenario had the dwarves trying to kill the ratmen leader.
The rats and the ranged attacking dwarves took advantage of the better movement up the road. The melee dwarves battled through the undergrowth, although early on the heat wave took effect on the Dwarven Elite warrior, worsening his quality by one due to fatigue.
The rats cut west towards the clearing and the melee dwarves, hoping to pick off an insolated warrior, but with the going slow they were not quick enough to get round before the crossbowmen moved into support positions. Not wanting to get caught battling in the clearing the rats cut east across the road to the safer forest undergrowth there, knowing that the dwarves needed to attack their leader.
A new recruit, the dwarven magic user decided to make a name for himself and raced to the edge of the road to crack off a fire ball, but with little effect. Despite his struggles (knocking down a swarm) he was swamped by rats and fell.
As time for the game end approached, Valgen made one last effort, ordering his troops i range further down the road to try and get a shot. Unfortunately for them the Rat leader stayed in the shadows of the forest, and the rats rushed the short legged thief, taking him down in the last action of the battle.

Battle Result:
Blightvale Autho-RAT-y: Victory

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