Sunday 24 April 2011

Warmachine - Cryx Pistol Wraith

With being off work on Good Friday I was able to book a place in MacSver's regular Friday evening Warmachine fest, which he generously hosts in his battle shed (it usually starts a bit too soon after I get home from work to get there). As I was getting to play a League match, I fancied fielding a second Pistol Wraith so I needed a quick paint job.

I thought I'd try to replicate the ghostly/incorporeal effect of my other Pistol Wraith, but despite following my own instructions I seem to have over-egged the dry brushing and taken out the purple ink undercoat. There are a couple of rescue washes of Miniature Paints purple ink (which is super-weak) to give him a purple tint to tie in with the rest of the force a bit more. I fancied his hair as purple flame, but I don't think I've really managed to get that across. Purple shades are a bit cold to shout fire! I didn't add any "solid" colouring this time as it had already been done; I was in a rush; and I couldn't be bothered. Lazy, lazy I know, but sometimes if you want it finished an on the table you have to compromise.

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