Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Rare Old time with Warmachine

My Cryx run towards the enemy faithful.
After too long I managed a game of Warmachine last weekend.

There is a local WM league which started up at the beginning of the year. I joined in as a way of ensuring that I actually played a few games this year after all the Cryx purchasing and painting that's been done. I've quite a few other games to play (especially as Warmachine is slightly beyond ArabianSquire for the moment) and I'm easily distracted, so the weeks can well slip by without a game. However it had slightly stalled, so I took advantage of being off work on Good Friday to attend a regular session up the road at MacSver's battle shed (usually it starts too early for me given my return time from work).

Now the other attendees have been well and truly bitten by the WM bug, so I was walking up the road, case in hand, hoping to learn something new (either about my own troops or the opposition or even both) before I had my @rse handed to be in the sort of friendly but brutal way only Warmachine can deliver. Fortunately my opponent had turned up with one of his newer/less tested armies, The Protectorate of Menoth, so wasn't quite up to full speed with their tactics - a bit similar to myself. To cut a long story short , much to my (and everyone else's) surprise I managed a rare win with a Caster kill in turn three. Mostly due to the fact spray attacks hit models hiding behind 'jacks; the auto hit of the Bile Thrall's purge; and some uncharacteristic good/lucky dice rolling. The game was over quick enough for a rematch, where order was restored to the Universe with a resounding defeat. Although even in defeat you should always learn something.

The Protectorate Warmage looks from behing her Warjack
hoping that the pattern of Cryx self sacrifice will continue

In the first game I actually "popped" my bile thralls too early (especially as I was sacrificing my mechanithralls in the process) but lucked out. In the next game I repeated the tactic/mistake and it didn't pay off. Also my opponent used a patch of forest perfectly to protect himself form charges and contact in the second game, leaving me to try and battle round one flank where my depleted and forces failed and left me exposed. Hopefully I'll remember these for next time...


  1. Ah, I miss the first edition rules. I'm glad you had a good game, and even MORE glad you play Cryx. I've always liked them :)

  2. There's Nothing like the sound the rolling dice and opponents crying out "Broken!" ;-)