Saturday 16 April 2011

I'm back!

Not that I told you I was away (naughty I know).

Apologies to the regular readers for not scheduling any posts to appear during my absence, but I didn't have anything to post up. The blog posts running hand-to-mouth at the moment.

But where were you, I hear you cry? Well the Arabian tribe took off for a week to a quiet corner of Scotland in the Isle Of Whithorn for an Easter holiday break. No gaming news to report back I'm afraid, although there are a couple of items that we spied that may interest some viewers.

St. Ninian's cave.
The beach and external cave scenes
from The Wicker-man were shot here.

Whithorn and parts of the surrounding area were locations for some of the filming of the classic 1973 movie "The Wicker-man". The irony of this choice of location is that Whithorn was one of the first Christian communities in Scotland.

Also, just a few miles up the coast is the village of Garlieston. During World War II prototypes of the Mulberry Harbours were tested here with view to the invasion of Europe on D-day. Unfortunately storms have claimed the last remains that sat in the bay a few years ago, but the work there is given great mention.

In use at Normandy

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