Friday, 22 April 2011

Miracles CAN happen

Session 2 of our D&D adventure finally happened this week. All 5 people in the same place (at the same time) - how exciting. I won't bleat on about how frustrating it's been this year trying to get the game going, we'll just bask in the glow of gaming and remember the sweet sound of dice rolling (this is D&D 4e after all).

Last session left our level one heroes puffing and panting after defeating a room full of kobolds. This time round we were treated to more kobolds to see if we'd actually learned anything. We had, slowly, but also quickly learned that tiles can hide trap triggers. The poor Gnome caught a few darts in the side of the head from someone else's foot going "click". This was apparently so funny that whenever a tile went click everyone looked over to see where the gnome was!

The next  room had kobolds up on 10 foot plinths (out of harms way from some of our melee dependent characters and a tantalising pit of slime that unfortunately everyone resisted the urge to jump over. Ranged attacks and the introduction of a couple of small dragon-like creatures saw our first unconscious PC and a rash of healing surges, but we've survived to the foes in the next room - next session.

As a group we are starting to get the hang on the D&D abilities system, but still fumble around a bit. Also finding the correct stat on the character sheet when required is causing delay all round. When we're more familiar with this I'm sure we'll manage to start thinking about more strategic play rather than what we are all doing at the moment which is more all fighting a common foe.


  1. Ahhh Miracle Max - a classic character!

  2. Indeed - one of the highlights of a great film (along with "I've been using the wrong hand as well")