Monday 18 April 2011

Citadel Fiend Factory Ogre

All the back to 1982-ish for the Citadel Fiend Factory series (FF-53)

This old mini has been sitting around for ages since he was bought in a job lot years ago. The sculpt has always struck me as very basic, even for the period, and combined with the base coat paint and and bulging eyes has never seen the tabletop. There is little definition on the arms and legs, and there are swirls all over them which I can only assume is mean to be hair. I tried to paint in some muscle definition before catching the arm/leg hairs. The end result is a bit messy, but is at least a broken surface visually. Looking at it again here I must say the eye's may need touched up - not aggressive enough!

With it finally finished I can only conclude that its a fine subject to resurrect my Painting SOS theme with. Hopefully the end result is better than what I started with...

It also herards a start to a new subject tag - Old School minis. I'll be endevouring to paint up an old mini every month as a bit of a fun project.

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