Monday 28 February 2011

Terminator/Necron army for 5150

With ArabianSquire starting to paint his own Space Marines and his eyes lighting up when he saw a 40k battle (with all the minis painted for once) I thought I'd better prepare for a game using his new figures. Now I don't play 40k and have no interest at the moment in doing so. I do, however, have Two Hour Wargames 5150, and as we've played and enjoyed playing the last couple of Chain Reaction games (the reaction game system 5150 is based upon) this makes it an easy choice. An added bonus is that the wee lad will get his squad of 5 marines into action alot quicker with a skirmish ruleset, and fan made 40k stats are available on THW's yahoo group.

Now I've fancied fielding some sort of "Terminator" style force for ages (who hasn't since seeing those scenes in the original film!) and have had a few Necron sprue sitting in a box for a year or three waiting for the day of activation to come. A nice quick easy paintjob as well for a quick turnaround. Which is just as well as I hadn't banked on them being so painfully slow and fiddly to put together!

More for my own future reference then anything, the paint scheme was base coat black, GW Boltgun metal, wash in GW deblan mud, drybrush Miniature Paints Chainmail. Shoulders painted GW Terracotta and quickly wiped with a finger (for a worn look) and eyes in Mini Paints Plum Red. Same for the Scarabs.

Now away from the main troop force we may want a bit of heavy support. I've had an issue with the Necron figures. The not-terminators are nice, nearly all the other pieces are horrible! A piece called a Destroyer should make me envisage an intimidating spectical with awesome firepower. The Necron one somehow always makes me think of a hover version of Family Guy's Joe with a gun! Similarly the Tomb Spyder is a bit of an anticlimax. Fortunately the beauty of playing an open game like 5150 is that you can use any figures you have/want. So I've dipped into the Star Wars miniatures catalogue to provide some pieces to my liking!

Heavy Destroyer
Tomb Spyder
Mobile Artillery
Support Mother Ship?
(a Final Fantasy VII Shera model)


  1. I wouldn´t want to be the opposition to that lot!! Nice bits of hardware. You´ll have to get some daleks done, they will put up a good fight to this lot ;-D

  2. Hmmm, I could use the Space Marines as a future version of UNIT...