Wednesday 23 February 2011

First D'n'D session at last

A late attempt by fate to sabotage the evening (via the underhand tactic of project deadlines) was cast aside for us to finally get a Dnd 4e session played (albeit one player down). It's taken 2 years of trying for our DM, David, so congratulations must go to him.

The party consisted of my Gnome cleric and Half-Orc paladin (don't ask!), a Human rogue, an Elven ranger and a Tiefling wizard. The experienced and eagle eyed among you will have spotted a weakness in this party - the distinct lack of melee fighters. Something which we were about to find out first hand. As long as we could manouver ourselves into space, keeping some distance between ourselves and our foes we should be fine. So obviously the DM put us in an encounter in the twisting tunnels of a dungeon!
Non mook kobolds bobbed, weaved and stabbed their way round corners whilst we fumbled our way round characters sheets and newly aquired feats. Everyone at least settled down into the spirit of the game with the male elf being refered to in the feminine throughout, short-arse jokes aimed at the gnome and everyone laughing as it was pointed out that the rogues attempt to sneak across a room in full view was really him just lightly tiptoeing towards a fully aware enemy. Another learning point in this game that the non-mook kobolds were easily capable of surviving several of our mighty first level attacks.
Anyway the party emerged slightly worn and sticky but intact from our encounter, and we look forward to taking on our second room next session (this could be a looooong dungeon adventure at this rate!).


  1. With our last two D&D sessions getting cancelled at the last minute, this was really a bit of a salt/wounds post to read. Congrats on getting the game rolling, though!

  2. Sorry to hear that. Having spent the last month with rolling last minute call offs I can sympathize! Always next week...

  3. Great fun, particularly leaving the poor ranger with the image of the gnome going Nacho Libre on the Tieflings tail; complete with wrestling mask lol. Next time, the Rogue tries to see if he can filch the rest of the parties items.

  4. Nah, the Rogue may be only level 1 but his player has too much XP as a rogue and will wait a few sessions until we actually have something worth nicking before diping his hand!